Normally I’d give a nice intro, but luckily for me Robin from Breaking More Waves has kindly done it for me making my job very easy this morning. So without further ado, prepare to witness Robin musically making out on my turf. 

The parallels between music and sex are so perfectly matched that sometimes it’s possible to think they are actually the same thing. Or maybe that’s just my slightly warped brain. One hit wonders are like one night stands whereas albums that we would take to the grave are the long term lovers, always finding something new and exciting for us to take pleasure from. Likewise putting up a playlist on somebody else’s blog is a little like being invited into to your friend’s house and making out very loudly with their boyfriend / girlfriend at their request. Odd, but secretly kind of fun.

So here’s a playlist from me, Robin at Breaking More Waves. I promised Skeletory that this would be the musical equivalent of an orgasm, which it certainly is for us, but maybe the whole point of being a blogger is that it’s just an excuse in lonely musical masturbation, and today rather than doing it on home turf, we’re jacking off here instead.

Chlöe Howl – No Strings

Yes it may sound like a reinterpretation of Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People, but No Strings represents the arrival of a sassily potent new star in the form of Chlöe Howl. Foul mouthed and full of attitude this is how I want pop music to sound, rather than the amorphous low-grade puddle of piss that occupies most of the UK’s top 40 these days.

Public Service Broadcasting – Everest

PSB (not to be confused with the Pet Shop Boys) are the first of two acts act in this playlist that have never featured on Breaking More Waves and I’m horrendously shamefaced about this fact. After all what’s not to like about a band who take samples from old public information films and propaganda material and mix them with driving indie rock sounds to create something that not only kisses the ears but also carries a great narrative.

Curxes – Spectre

Geek-goth-industrialists? Siousxie Sioux gone synth? Aggressive-drama-soaked-art-pop? Whatever Curxes are (and I don’t believe we’ve seen the full picture of this band yet, there’s a softer side ready to leak out) they’re bloody fantastic. The soundtrack of judgement day, Spectre is as cataclysmic as it gets.

London Grammar – Hey Now

Our new favourite post-coital tune from a trio that many blogs that haven’t done their research are describing as mysterious. Yet a couple of quick Google searches reveals that these musical bedfellows are Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman and Dot Major and have been gigging around London for the last couple of years. Practice seems to have made perfect because Hey Now is simply swoonsome.

Champs – St.Peters

Champs is another act that we’ve yet to feature on the blog, but this song St Peters allows us to use all those clichés like maturity beyond their years, superb song craft and such like. Even better Champs is an act from the Isle of Wight, whose most famous claim to fame is not either of its two festivals, the most sunshine hours in the UK or any of that rubbish, but the fact it was where I was born.